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Getting Started in Reaper on Windows

If you are recording you can do it with a USB Mic but it might be easier with an interface like a Focusrite or Behringer, TBH I've never tried it with just a USB Mic,

There are many recording programs , the one I know is called Reaper.  I will put down here some steps to get you started (for free):
* Download Reaper (free for 60 days) HERE
* Download Melda MFreeFXBundle HERE
* Download Blue Cat Electric Guitar Amp HERE and Voxengo Boogex guitar amp HERE
* Optionally download Izotope Vocal Doubler HERE
* Optionally download MT power drumkit HERE
* Optionally download the Lil Peep Drumkit sounds here (to add to metronome if you hate clicks) HERE
* Optionally download Acon Multiply HERE
* Optionally download TAL reverbs and anything else that looks useful HERE