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General Discussion / What The Group is About
  • Sessions every odd Wednesday (before regular Thursday RML session)
  • Open to all RML members who play an acoustic instrument (inc keyboard).
  • Participants should play an instrument so they can contribute to other people's songs other than vocally (even if basic keyboard, percussion).
  • Not a rehearsal - it's a no commitment, drop-in session.
  • 12.30pm-3.30pm with a break.
  • Intended to help musicians play and develop collaboratively and assist in performing in small groups as well as solo.
  • Provide something not available in regular RML sessions.
  • Song choice a bit more considered: suggested by members subject to suitability for either shared vocal or interesting instrumental arrangement possibilities, and the participants aptitudes and objectives of the group. Can be an instrumental.
  • Not the same as the RML Unplugged sessions, which are usual RML format just without amps.
  • Build up a library of songs with arrangements developed by the group.
  • SESSION PART 1: Technical exercises: fingerpicking, strumming, harmony singing.
  • SESSION PART 2: Play and arrange some songs.
  • Cost £5.
Session Materials / 29 Jan 2020 Session
Our first ever attempt at harmony!

"You ain't Going Nowhere"

Exercises done today:
3 tone Humming
5 tone lip roll
Nay Nays
Harmony Workshop 1 Lessons 1 & 2
Plus some fingerpicking and strum patterns

Gotta Get a Message To You
You ain't going nowhere
Nowhere Man (made a start)