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Guidelines For Recording Pieces in a Collaboration

  • Play with guide track in your headphones.  We don't want to hear the guide track in your contributions!  The guide track keeps you in key and in time and means that mixing the track is much easier.
  • Use as decent a mic/recording device as you can manage, you will sound better for it.  A USB Snowball type mic around £50 is ideal or a similarly priced condenser mic going into a Focusrite or Behringer interface.  But we've had great results dfrom just a phone.
  • Video would be nice ;) although don't let t his stop you, I'm starting to thing just audio is all you really need, after all its the music that counts.
  • You don't need to be fantastically gifted to contribute a great track, just playing something tasteful at the right time, even if its simple.[  We always need more instruments, even if its just tambo or triangle (even balalaika, hmmm)
  • Watch out for backing noise that you don't notice, its impossible to get rid of.  Eg: Air conditioning, computer fan, traffic, dogs, kids lol
  • Try to record vocal and instruments on separate tracks, we can do a much better repair job in the mixdown if its all separate.  This may mean submitting 2 tracks, thats fine.  OK, so you have to sit there and go through it 2 or 3 times, but each track will be better for it.
  • Recording to MP3's is fine, that is sufficient quality you don't need huge "wav" files.  The problem of losing audio quality isn't really to do with with the software medium we use ;)