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Test out your Live Sound at the Sound Clinic!

Sound Clinic!

So here is an idea:

Anyone who wants to test their sound, or maybe try a couple of things to improve their sound, can go online and I will be there, with anyone else who turns up, to give feedback and try and help.

The link to the Streamyard room is posted below and the first 2 sessions will be (UK time!):
Week 1: 11am Monday 7th Dec
Week 2: 7pm Monday 14th Dec
After that we will take stock and see if its worth continuing.

I will record your audio and post it to a Dropbox folder for you to listen to during the session.

I have done a couple of sessions like this and they can be very useful.

Streamyard is quite good for this because it doubles as a video chat call (we can all chat together like Zoom) and a streaming platform.

When we are chatting in the room, please either wear headphones, or turn echo cancellation ON in Streamyard.

There will be no broadcast destinations set up - this will not be going live, or being recorded (except just the audio when we are doing a test).  You do not need an account with Streamyard (or Facebook for that matter).

The link to the room is at:

The MP3 audio files will be downloadable during the session and deleted at the end of the session.  You don't need to book or anything, just turn up and we will see how it goes.

This facility is being shared with the FB Open Mic community on Facebook.